41-year-old University Student Goo Hye-sun Sent Encouraging Message To Classmates Ahead Of Graduation

Actress Goo Hye-sun expressed her feelings about graduation

Goo Hye-sun recently made a post on the app Everytime, an app for university students in Korea. The post is titled “I’m Aunt Hye-sun, your progenitor bird.”

The actress wrote, “I’m graduating after the final exam next week, and I’ve been going up and down the Sooseon hall for four years, and I’ve been through 16 seasons at the university.”

“There was something I always wanted to say to my classmates who thought it was too late, thinking about their career path and employment. It’s never too late. You’re doing a great job. It’s so pretty and I am jealous,” Goo said.

She added, “While I will soon turn 41 years old, I hope my graduation (which is late but not that late), will be a small hope and comfort to you.”

Goo Hye-sun later captured the post and posted it along with her graduation photos on her social account on December 10, saying, “I was reported because someone thought that I was impersonating myself on Everytime, so I’m certifying it here.”

Upon seeing her post, Internet users left comments such as “Congratulations on your graduation,” “I support you every day,” and “You’re trying to go back to school late, but it’s comforting.”

Meanwhile, Goo is a student majoring in visual arts at Sungkyunkwan University. “I took a leave of absence for about eight years. I will go to graduate school after I graduate this year,” said the actress on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star.”

Source: Newsen

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