Talented Rapper & Producer Zico’s Profile Re-examined Ahead Of Collaboration With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Knowing BLACKPINK’s Jennie will collaborate with Zico, fans exclaim as they look back on the male rapper’s discography

On April 18th, Jennie made headlines as she suddenly announced her new collaboration with Korean rapper Zico through ODDATELIER’s official channel. Accordingly, the BLACKPINK member will feature in the song “SPOT” for Zico’s comeback single to be released on April 16th.

Jennie and Zico raise fans’ excitement even more by revealing a snippet of “SPOT” performed live by Jennie in the studio. Through the very short spoiler video, the song’s catchy melody and Jennie’s powerful vocal already impressed the public.

zico jennie spot

After the announcement, their collaboration rose to the top search on SNS. Yet to be released, “SPOT” is already expected to dominate Korean music charts next week. It is because both Jennie and Zico are the top singers with great influence in the music industry and many hit songs.

In addition, Jennie will make an exception this time. Throughout the 8 years of her career, the BLACKPINK member has never appeared in other artists’ music videos but she will join Zico in his MV this time. Jennie acted only once in G-Dragon’s “That XX” MV in 2012 before her debut.

Zico debuted in 2011 as a member of Block B. He’s known as an all-rounder artist who can rap, dance and compose songs. In 2014, Zico made his solo debut and quickly reached the heyday of his career. Participating in “Show Me the Money”, Zico teamed up with WINNER’s Mino, known as a close friend of Jennie. As such, it is easy to understand why Jennie and Zico know each other even though they barely interact in public.


Talking about Zico, any K-pop fan would immediately think of the 2020 hit “Any Song”. This song not only shook the whole music industry and recorded the most Perfect All-Kill hours at that time but also created the dance challenge trend that has been viral until now.

Apart from his successful career as a singer, Zico is also a producer. In January 2019, he established KOZ Entertainment to organize his solo activities and produce a K-pop group. In 2023, KOZ Entertainment introduced their first boy group project BOYNEXTDOOR after being acquired by HYBE in 2020. Under the direction of Zico, BOYNEXTDOOR released their first single “WHO” and was named among impressive rookies in 2023.

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