SM releases a 10-minute trailer before aespa’s comeback

SM Entertainment is slowly revealing more details about aespa’s unique universe.

aespa will officially make a comeback on May 17 with Next Level.  After releasing a series of image teasers for an impressive comeback, on the morning of May 15, SM continued to post new content to introduce the special universe of aespa.

Right from their debut, SM introduced aespa as a girl group that combines real and virtual members.  In this clip, the virtual members of aespa called ae, have a special bond with the real member.  However, at the beginning of the 10-minute clip, Navis, a virtual character who plays the role of connecting aespa with ae, appeared.  She found out that something unusual happened when everyone seemed to be hacked.


In the trailer, SM created the plot related to the group’s debut song Black Mamba.  The content focuses on exploiting the right elements with the original direction when SM introduced aespa and how virtual idols operate. Aespa was split from the phrase “Avatar X Experience”,  the group name is a combination of “ae” and “aspect”.  This name symbolizes that they meet another version of themselves through their avatar, thereby experiencing the new world.


SM’s universe started with a society that exists in parallel with ae. So what will happen if ae are hacked one day?  Can real people and ae co-exist together?

Netizens comment:
  • I get goosebumps watching it.
  • Karina is like a fairy, Winter looks great at shooting.
  • Each group has a different direction and concept.  Stan SM is not the wrong choice.
  • Giselle is crazy.

SM will release Next Level on various music sites at 6 pm (KST) on May 17.  This is an outstanding Hip Hop dance song with energetic rap and bass.  Besides, the lyrics tell an interesting story about the worldview, where the journey to KWANGYA in search of Black Mamba – an existence that has hindered the connection of aespa and ae that made the world chaotic.


Source: K14

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