J.Y. Park updates new version for his legendary aegyo pose, which made Sunmi lose many followers

The legendary “J. Y. Park aegyo” pose, which caused a frenzy of unfollows for singer Sunmi, was updated with a new version and is now heating up the internet

Recently, a preview video of KBS 2TV’s new variety show “Golden Girls”, which features J. Y. Park’s aegyo scene, garnered significant attention on online communities.

Scheduled to premiere on Oct 27th, “Golden Girls” is a debut project for divine divas, a group of Korea’s top vocalists with a combined experience of 151 years, led by producer J. Y. Park, including Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-bum and Lee Eun-mi.


In the preview video, J.Y. Park replicated his famous “aegyo pose”. In 2019, Sunmi lost about 100 followers within a minute after uploading a photo of J.Y. Park’s endearing posture, where he rested his chin on both hands and smiled with a cute look. Sunmi left a comment, “I’ve lost about 100 followers in a minute since I uploaded this picture.

J.Y. Park later apologized, “Sunmi, I heard there were people who unfollowed you after you uploaded this. I’m sorry.

After 4 years, J.Y. Park’s renewed aegyo attack prompted joyful reactions such as “I didn’t expect to see this again“, “J.Y. Park’s aegyo is lethal“, “The more I see it, the funnier it gets“…

“Golden Girls” featuring J.Y. Park and 4 legendary vocalists Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-bum, Lee Eun-mi will premiere on Oct 27th.

Source: Daum

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