The three sisters found their answers after many twists and turns, “Little Women” rose from 6.4 to 11.1%

tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Little Women” (written by Seo Jeong-kyung, directed by Kim Hee-won) ended with its highest ratings. 

Little Women” ended on Oct 9th. According to Nielsen Korea, the rating of the final episode of “Little Women” averaged 11.1%, topping the same timeslot among all cable and general channels.

The show started with 6.4% in the 1st episode and recorded an increase of 7.3% in the 4th episode, 8.7% in the 8th episode, and 11.1% in the 12th episode, which is its highest rating. 

The story gave twist after twist. Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun), who was thought to be dead, went to court as a witness. Thanks to her testimony, Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun) was only given a probation sentence.

The truth about Jin Hwa-young’s fake death was also revealed. Hwa-young submitted a CCTV video containing the scene of the day as evidence. She also released a digitalized slush fund book.

Little Women

Won Sang-ah (played by Um Ji-won)’s misdeeds have become more vicious. She locked Jin Hwa-young and Oh In-joo in a room before activating the sprinklers containing hydrochloric acid. 

At that time, Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon) appeared and led the two outside. Won Sang-ah died alone with the blue orchids forever.

Little Women

The terrible fight is over. Choi Do-il left for Greece, Jin Hwa-young was held in a detention center while the three sisters found their growth.

Oh In-joo learned of the existence of the Han River apartment that Oh Hye-seok (Kim Mi-sook) left for her. She finally found her haven. 

Little Women

Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) revealed the corruption and misdeeds of Jeongran Organization before choosing to go to the U.S. with Ha Jong-ho (Kang Hoon). 

The youngest Oh In-hye (played by Park Ji-hoo) receives part of the money from Park Hyo-rin (played by Jeon Chae-eun), who became the real owner of 70 billion won. She then share it with her sisters again. 

Little Women

The three sisters found their own happiness and answer. The message of their growth story added to the lingering impression. 

“Little Women” is a story that provided the audience with dynamic fun through its constant twists and events. The drama attracted viewers with its solid story and outspoken development. 

Above all, the good acting performance of the actors is also a factor in its success. Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Um Ji-won, Wi Ha-joon, and Um Ki-joon led the series with their thorough acting skills.

Source: dispatch

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