V (BTS) ‘s mental health worries fans: ‘He was so depressed that he did not know whether he could continue or not’

It seems that V (BTS) has gone through a very difficult period in terms of mental health, but until now, the male idol has only had the opportunity to share it with fans.

On November 20, BTS officially made a comeback with the album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ and quickly received worldwide attention.  This is a special music product because all members of the group have contributed to each stage of conceptualization and completion of this album, including music production.

One of the songs that received many compliments is ‘Blue & Gray’ – the song bearing the mark of V (BTS). Accordingly, the male idol not only participated in composing ‘Blue & Gray’ but also planned to include it in his first mixtape.  However in the end he decided to choose this song for ‘BE’ and helped it reach the fans earlier than planned.

The content of ‘Blue & Gray’ is filled with sadness, anxiety, and even despair.  The character in the song is going through a difficult time when everything around is just ‘blue and gray’. He yearns for help, comfort, and protection from those around him to be happy. 

Recently in an interview with Weverse Magazine, V personally revealed the background when he was composing this special song.  However, after reading it, many fans felt touched and even worried when they know that the male idol has had mental problems.


Here is an excerpt of V’s interview while sharing about ‘Blue & Gray’.

Q: It seems like you intended “Blue&Grey” to be a melancholy song. I heard you had originally planned to put it on your mixtape. 

V: I wrote “Blue&Grey” when I was at my lowest point when I was asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Even the fun parts of work became a chore, and my whole life felt aimless. “Where do I go from here? I can’t even see the end of the tunnel.” Those kinds of thoughts hit me hard. 

Q: What caused this problem?

V: It was when work was a major challenge. What I mean is, I was having a really tough time, and thinking, “What’s waiting for me at the end? It’s important to be successful, but I’m also trying to be happy, so how come I’m not happy” That’s when I wrote “Blue & Grey.” 

Q: So you wrote this song to find your peace of mind?

V: There was a time when I went through things like that.  I’ve endured the hardest times, but I can’t just keep that feeling with me.  Instead, I use this emotion as a soul-nourishing agent.  I kept those feelings up by writing them down on paper.  I kept writing it all down, and when I started wanting to write them down as music, I would.  After the song was finished, I felt like I had made an achievement, and that was why I was able to release ‘Blue & Gray’.  That is how I can overcome my problems on my own.

After reading V’s share, many fans and netizens left encouraging words for the male idol.  Some think that V probably went through a really scary period when the work pressure has affected his psychological health.  However, he still chose to overcome it himself and even saved it to write music.

Many others hope that Big Hit will pay more attention to the psychological health of BTS members because everyone seems to have gone through a difficult period but they still had to continue working.  

Some comments from fans and netizens: ‘It seems that V has had psychological problems.  I’m very worried but I’m also glad that he overcame them ‘,’ BTS is under a lot of pressure, and people with unstable mentality will be easily affected ‘,’ V didn’t even know that he could work again or not.  I feel scared when I think about it ‘,’ BTS is always happy to interact with fans, and these things they only share when they get over it.  We don’t know how hard they were at times ‘,’ I hope Big Hit will take care of the members ‘mental health because they have been working so hard!’,…

Sources: tinnhac

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