IU Invites Elderly Fan to Concert After Heartwarming Reaction Video 

Recently, an elderly man from the United States took to YouTube to share his deep affection for IU's music and Korean culture. 

With a heart full of admiration, the elderly fan even sought guidance on joining IU’s fan club.

In anticipation of his beloved idol’s return, the grandpa donned his finest attire and recorded a reaction video to IU’s “Shopper” MV. Moved by his endearing reaction, IU took to her Instagram story to express:


“Hi Grandpa!

Your video made me happy. I wish to return that happiness to you for a long time. Your smile means a lot to me.

And I’d like to extend a special invitation for you to attend my concert in the US. My team will reach out to you, so please do join us.

By the way, that outfit suits you perfectly. I hope you’ll enjoy my latest album ‘The Winning’. Thank you very much.”

This heartwarming exchange highlights the power of music and the beautiful connections it fosters across generations.

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