Behind-the-Scenes of BLACKPINK Jennie’s “You & Me” Unveiled

BLACKPINK Jennie’s latest solo single ‘You & Me’ has been created a buzz

On October 13th, YG Entertainment posted ‘You & Me’ Behind The Scenes on BLACKPINK‘s official channel. The video features scenes from the shooting of ‘You & Me’ performance video, generating a hot response because of Jennie‘s captivating charm and visuals.

Even in the midst of a busy schedule, Jennie’s sincerity in wanting to present the best performance to the fans was evident. Jennie couldn’t hide her excitement as she said, “I’m eagerly filming the video right after the concert because I want to give ‘You & Me’ as a gift to BLINKs.”

Jennie, while playfully making cute expressions, instantly immersed herself in the music, displaying her professional side. From the dance moves with the dancers to the silhouette performance against the backdrop of the full moon, she showcased an enchanting dance line and sang the ‘You & Me’ jazz version with a soft voice.

The diverse set design and stylish styling also caught the eye. Jennie, blending into the moonlit scenery, perfectly pulled off various outfits, including a split hairdo, a striking red one-piece, and elegant black and white dresses.

Meanwhile, ‘You & Me’ secured the top spot on the iTunes Top Song chart in 61 countries without any special pre-promotion and continues to rise steadily on domestic music charts. The performance video of the song is also recording high view count on YouTube.

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