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Ryan Reynolds recalls his experience of appearing on Korean “King of Mask Singer”, “I was in hell” 

“What’s crazy is I was in actual hell.”

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds recalled his appearance in Korea’s “King of Mask Singer” and made a surprise remark.

Ryan Reynolds, who recently started promoting his new film, is drawing attention by saying, “It was terrible. It was like hell” about his appearance in Korea’s “King of Mask Singer” 4 years ago.

Ryan Raynolds King of Mask Singer

Ahead of the release of the musical movie “Spirited”, Ryan Reynolds appeared on NBC’s popular talk show “Today Show” on November 7th (local time) and mentioned his experience of appearing on MBC’s entertainment show “King of Mask Singer” when he visited Korea to promote “Deadpool 2” in 2018.

During Ryan Reynolds’s interview alongside Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer, the host talked about his singing experience and naturally brought up the story of “King of Mask Singer”. A video of Ryan Reynolds on “King of Mask Singer” was then shown. 

Ryan Reynolds participated in Korea’s “King of Mask Singer” for the first time as a foreign star four years ago. He went on stage wearing a unicorn mask and sang the musical “Annie” OST “Tomorrow”. The reaction to Ryan Reynolds, who appeared on the stage in secret, was explosive. This also became a hot topic of discussion abroad.

After the video was screened, Ryan Reynolds said, “I wondered what would be the most unusual show for me to go to. At that time, before the American version of ‘The King of Mask Singer’ came out. ‘The King of Mask Singer’ was very popular in Korea,” explaining why he decided to appear. 

Ryan Raynolds King of Mask Singer

Ryan Reynolds recalled, “I had never been on this show in the West at the time. It was a big shock when I took off my mask. When I was there (appearing on ‘King of Mask Singer’), I was like, ‘Why did I sign this? This is terrible! It’s terrible! I don’t know this song! I don’t know what to do.’ It was very traumatic.” 

The interview continued in a friendly atmosphere, with the host and Octavia Spencer enjoying the “exaggerated” confession of witty Ryan Reynolds. 

However, some Korean netizens are expressing displeasure with Ryan Reynolds’s remark after it unexpectedly attracted attention as it was published by foreign media such as People. Korean fans claim that it’s ridiculous how his attitude has completely changed compared to four years ago. 

Ryan Reynolds

When appearing on “King of Mask Singer” in 2018, Ryan Reynolds joked, “I‘m sorry for the song just now. I was very nervous. I’m actually wearing an adult diaper now,” he joked. He also made everyone laugh by saying, “I didn’t tell my wife Blake Lively (about this secret schedule). Thank you for inviting me today. It was an honor to be on stage. “Thank you for allowing me to take on a new challenge.”

At the press conference for the Netflix movie “Red Notice” last year, he also mentioned that he enjoyed watching Korean content and appearing in “The King of Mask Singer”.  Ryan Reynolds said, “When I went to Korea recently, I went to ‘King of Mask Singer‘. Due to this, his recent remark makes Korean netizens wonder if it was a slip of the tongue, or he was being serious. 

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