Han Hyo-joo reveals tips to have impressive back muscles, “I worked out all day long… I ate so many bananas that I thought I’ve become a monkey”

Han Hyo-joo talked about how she built her amazing back muscles.

Cosmopolitan Korea uploaded a video titled “Actress Han Hyo-joo unveils tips to have her unexpected back muscles? All the dieters, come in here” on October 28th.

In the released video, Han Hyo-joo said, “I think I have never taken a break after making my debut with the sitcom ‘Nonstop 5’ in 2005”.

She continued, “I’m very greedy for work, so I’ve been working like a workaholic. I’m not enduring hard work. I really like acting, and that’s why I don’t rest. Acting is probably my driving force. I love my job”.

han hyo joo Cosmopolitan Korea

Regarding Disney+’s original series “Moving”, Han Hyo-joo said, “You will see many different kinds of superpowers in this work. I think this will be a new genre that we have never seen in Korean dramas”. 

han hyo joo Cosmopolitan Korea

She emphasized, “Jo In-sung oppa, who appears in this work as my husband, has the ability to fly. I was kind of jealous of him. I even imagined and thought of where I wanted to fly to first if I could fly in the sky. Rather than deciding a place to go, I want to just fly. I think it would be very refreshing”.

han hyo joo Cosmopolitan Korea

In addition, Han Hyo-joo mentioned her back muscles, which recently became a hot topic. She said, “I’m filming a movie called ‘Believer 2’ and I’ve been working out and dieting very hard for the movie and my character. I did exercise a lot. I even spent a whole day in my schedule just exercising. That’s my job”, drawing attention.

han hyo joo Cosmopolitan Korea

The actress went on, “I also went on a diet at the same time. I have a banana, two boiled eggs, and soy milk for breakfast. I eat potatoes and eggs for dinner then digest them and go to sleep. I have to reduce the amount of food I consume to lose weight. But since I feel so hungry, I eat food that can make me feel less hungry, like eggs and bananas. I’ve been eating them a lot that I thought I’ve become a monkey”, drawing laughter with her complaint. She added, “For those who are dieting, fighting!”, giving support to dieters.

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