Did BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Buy a Lamborghini Recently?

There is speculation among some online users that Blackpink’s Jisoo has purchased a Lamborghini.

Recently, a post titled “Did BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Buy a Lamborghini?” was published on an online community.


The author of the post, person A, attached a screenshot of Lamborghini Seoul Branch’s official Instagram following list.

They added, “I heard that if the Lamborghini Seoul Instagram account follows you, it means you are the owner of a Lamborghini.”

Indeed, the official Instagram account of Lamborghini Seoul was found to be following various celebrities, including well-known singers Kim Junsu and G-Dragon.


Furthermore, Jisoo mentioned her driver’s license in an interview video released on the YouTube channel ‘WIRED’ in April.

She stated, “I have a driver’s license. I think I’m really good at driving.” Jisoo confidently mentioned that she has never had difficulty with parking and considered herself a master of parking. She expressed confidence, saying, “I feel like I have a good sense of spatial awareness.”

Meanwhile, Lamborghini is a luxury foreign car with an average price of around 300 million won (approximately $270,000).

Source: insight

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