Having 4% chance of getting married to NCT Mark, WINNER Seunghoon: “I want to meet him first, I can’t just marry someone off looking at their face”

Seunghoon’s funny reply has both WINNER and NCT’s fans excited

Recently, when participating in a variety show, Seunghoon (WINNER) actively spoke up about having a “4% chance of marrying Mark (NCT)”. Specifically, when group leader Seungyoon asked “So in conclusion, is there a possibility that Winner Lee Seunghoon gets married to NCT Mark?“, Seunghoon spoke his mind. 

On Twitter, I did something similar to MBTI. It was telling you which male idol you could get married to and Mark-ssi came out.” he explained, adding “I posted this as a tweet, but I didn’t know it would create such a huge deal. I just wanted to go “me too I did it~ what you guys were doing, me too I did it”  but Mark-ssi ended up hearing about this as a news.”

Before that, NCT Mark also knew about this story. The male idol mentioned this “marriage” on the radio in a humorous way: “I find it very… very… interesting. Nor is it impossible. Who knows later…”.

When Seunghoon was asked about his thoughts on marrying Mark, he also humorously replied: “But I do want to meet with Mark-ssi once. That’s right~ Once we meet, I think we’ll start conversing. Of course, you can’t just start liking someone by only looking at their face right? Do you think I can marry him just because he’s a good dancer? You can’t just marry someone because they sing well right? We need to exchange a few conversations and once we get to know each other more, and after that, I can make a decision.

Netizens left many comments, expressing their excitement:

  • The fact that they’re arguing over only 4% is the killing point
  • First of all, both of them should meet
  • It’s so hilarious, until Song Mino started talking, everyone was just listening to him seriously. YG and SM should arrange something between themselves
  • Their chemistry is amazing

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