Is Lee Kang-in Being Ostracized within the National Team? Video Released of Conflict with Veteran Players During the Game

Will Lee Kang-in be called up to the national team amid controversy?

Lee Kang-in got into a fight with Son Heung-min while enjoying table tennis the day before the Jordan match. During this process, Son Heung-min’s right medial collateral ligament was dislocated. The Korea Football Association (KFA) quickly acknowledged the truth, causing a stir. 

Claims emerged that Lee Kang-in had been in conflict with senior members of the national team since before. Some players requested Lee Kang-in’s exclusion from the quarterfinals, but Coach Klinsmann ignored it.

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A video supporting this surfaced on YouTube through Korean netizens, attracting attention. It’s footage directly filmed by football fans who were present at the scene, unlike the broadcast screen.

After the quarterfinals, Kim Min-jae wandered around and shook hands with teammates. However, Lee Kang-in extended his hand first, but Kim Min-jae ignored it and passed by, as captured in the video. Kim Min-jae sent a message thanking and shaking hands with other players such as Hwang In-beom and Hwang Hee-chan.

There is another scene where Lee Kang-in stands out in the team. In the 8th round against Australia, with the score 0-1 in late added time, Son Heung-min dramatically earned a penalty kick. At that moment in the video, Lee Kang-in gestured to take the kick himself, holding the ball.

Ignoring Lee Kang-in’s intention, Hwang Hee-chan stepped up as the penalty kicker. Even then, Lee Kang-in approached Hwang Hee-chan and exchanged words. Hwang Hee-chan turned to Lee Kang-in while talking. 

Son Heung-min intervened and pushed Lee Kang-in. Eventually, Hwang Hee-chan scored an equalizing goal with a shot. With Son Heung-min’s winning goal, Korea secured a dramatic 2-1 victory.


Of course, with just a short video, it’s impossible to grasp the entire atmosphere within the national team. However, the fact that Lee Kang-in has had conflicts with veteran players within the team is gaining more traction. 

It’s been reported that some veteran players have even gathered to express their intention to refuse national team call-ups if Lee Kang-in is summoned.

Korea must face Thailand in World Cup qualifiers in Seoul on March 21. If Lee Kang-in is called up, it could lead to an unprecedented situation where other players refuse call-ups. Can the successor to former coach Klinsmann quickly step in and resolve the situation before then? 

Source: daum

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