BTS’s RM “The worst day outta this year. Such a mental breakdown”…What happened?

BTS's RM (real name Kim Nam-joon) expressed his upset feelings.

RM opened up on Weverse on the morning of Nov 12th, “I did a bad job cleaning my computer today, so the audio file I’ve been working on for over a year got deleted.” Then he added, “Such a mental breakdown.” After that, he confessed, “I had almost finished it. I want to share this moment with you since I’m sad.” The idol continued, “The worst day outta this year.” As his fans raised concerns, RM explained through an additional post, “Ah, as you guys might be worried, it’s just one song.”

BTS RM status

He shared, “The other songs were taken care of well by others but there were more than 60 tracks in the file so I don’t have the courage to re-do everything.” He then promised, “I’ll definitely let you guys listen to it someday.”

At the end, RM made careful recommendations to his fans, “Everyone, please be careful when using a cleaning program.” On the other hand, BTS is scheduled to perform “Butter” with rapper Megan Thee Stallion at the “American Music Awards” – one of the three major American music awards ceremonies – on Nov 21st.

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