“Who is wootteo?” The reason why BTS fans are excited about this SNS account 

Videos of BTS Jin are suddenly popping up on a special SNS account 

On October 16th, an Instagram account named “wootteo” was created. Then, pictures modeled after astronaut characters have been uploaded to the account several time.

Two days later, a photo of “BTS Yet to Come in Busan”, a concert to pray for the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo held in Busan, was uploaded, followed by a series of mysterious releases. 

bts jin wooteo

The main characters in the releases are all Jin – the eldest member of BTS. In particular, a preview video of Jin in a recording studio was unveiled, along with the announcement that he will release his first solo single album.

In addition, background music that creates an eerie atmosphere was added to the image of Jin, who is absorbed in the recording studio, stimulating the curiosity of fans. 

This leads to a prevalent question: Who is the owner of the SNS account that published such a post? There were various opinions among the ARMYs (fans of BTS). 


The general consensus is that it is most likely to be Jin’s secondary character. 

Jin is planning to release a solo single titled “The Astronaut”. It seems that the male idol will interact with ARMYs around the world not only through her musical activities, but also through his “astronaut” character. 

bts jin wooteo

On the other hand, Jin applied for the cancellation of the postponement of his enlistment at the end of this month and decided to enlist in the military.

Source: dispatch

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