GOT7 Jackson Wang embroiled in controversy over charging a whopping fee for fans wanting to take intimate photos  

Netizens show divided reactions over Jackson Wang’s decision to charge intimate photo fees.

Recently, a photo of GOT7 Jackson Wang is taking over the Internet. The photo he took with female fan is becoming the talk of the town as the two shared intimate gestures for each other in the picture.


However, to take that kind of photo with the idol, this fan has to pay Jackson Wang more than 8,000 CNY (approximately 1,500,000 won).

When the truth was revealed, netizens were disappointed. Some expressed frustration over the idol’s behavior toward the fans who have always supported him. Others took a jab at his action and heavily criticized the idol’s choice.


However, others believed the idol had the right to charge such a fee, and who is willing to pay for it will get what they want in return.

Jackson Wang, real name Wang Ka Yee, was born in 1994 and was a former member of the male boy group GOT7 under JYP Entertainment. Following the group’s disbandment, the idol returned to China to continue artistic activities as a soloist. He became a sought-after singer-rapper in China.

Source: Twitter

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