NMIXX Haewon’s Questionable Gesture During a Fansign Sparks Debate

NMIXX Haewon’s seemingly harmless action has sparked a controversy.

Recently, NMIXX’s Haewon found herself in the center of a heated debate due to her unexpected gesture during a fan event. The incident has sparked discussions about appropriateness.

The incident began when a video of Haewon surfaced on Twitter/X, accompanied by a caption that read, “This is the fancam that NMIXX fans want to erase.” In the video, Haewon was seen interacting with fellow members Sullyoon and Lily, as she showed them a plushie toy she had received from a fan.

nmixx haewon

However, it wasn’t the innocent act of showcasing a gift that caught netizens’ attention; it was the uncanny resemblance of the plushie to a certain male anatomy part.

Some netizens found the situation harmless, viewing it as a lighthearted joke amongst friends. Others, however, expressed their disappointment, arguing that Haewon’s behavior was inappropriate, especially when taking into consideration the presence of fans at the event.

nmixx haewon

While some fans are defending Haewon with comments such as “She’s just holding the tail,” “You guys are the dirty-minded ones,” “If it were a male idol, this would be overlooked,” others criticized her for being insensitive.

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