Netizens Pitied ATEEZ for Being “Outshined” by LE SSERAFIM during Coachella 

Despite also performing at Coachella and doing a great job, ATEEZ was “outshined” by LE SSERAFIM’s controversial stage. 

Recently, a topic titled “I pity ATEEZ at Coachella” was published on the Korena forum Pann Nate, drawing over 70,000 views. 

According to the author of the topic, despite also performing at Coachella and delivering outstanding stages – an impressive achievement for a K-pop boy group, ATEEZ was largely ignored by the Korean public

ateez coachella

“ATEEZ doesn’t get any comments about their Coachella stage. In fact, no one seems to know that they performed at Coachella. I myself only knew after scrolling Twitter”, the author wrote. 

They also mentioned LE SSERAFIM outshining ATEEZ despite their various skill controversies, adding, “No matter how well ATEEZ does, they won’t get mentioned even once because they are outshined by the buzz of another group from a large company. It’s such a pity, but it’s the reality of the entertainment industry”. 

Under the comment section, many others also sympathize with this sad reality. Below are some of their comments: 

  • It’s sad but true. I also did not know about ATEEZ at Coachella. I watched their stage for comparison and they are on a completely different level (compared to LE SSERAFIM)
  • They receive good reactions overseas, but Koreans completely ignore them…
  • To do an extremely good job only for everyone to talk about less talented people from a large company, it’s such a pity
  • They sang live well. It’s a shame they got outshined by all the LE SSERAFIM talk 

Source: Pann Nate

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