Jeon Yeo Bin revealed anecdotes with Song Joong Ki and Son Seok Gu

Jeon Yeo Bin revealed anecdotes with Song Joong Ki and Son Seok Gu.

On Sep 7th, a video featuring Jeon Yeo Bin was uploaded on the YouTube channel “MMTG”.

Jeon Yeo Bin and Jaejae talked about tvN’s “Vincenzo“. Regarding the Zumba dance scene in “Vincenzo”, Jaejae mentioned, “You deliberately wore clothes with openings under the armpits to look more annoying.” and Jeon Yeo Bin shared, “The stylist team chose a very pretty outfit for me, and coincidentally, it had openings under the armpits. It gave a somewhat infuriating feeling.

Jeon Yeo Bin continued, “We were shooting in Gangnam that day. Son Seok Gu happened to pass by on an electric kickboard. He looked around as he was passing by and noticed us filming. Because ‘Vincenzo’ was written there, he was trying to see what was going on. But the assistant director stopped him. Then he said ‘Yeo Bin ah’ and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was dancing. He cheered me on and left.” Son Seok Gu and Jeon Yeo Bin both appeared in JTBC’s “Be Melodramatic”.

Jaejae was surprised and asked if such visits were common, to which Jeon Yeo Bin replied, “It was the first time something like that happened.

Due to COVID-19, the cast of “Vincenzo” could not have a wrap-up party, and it took two years for them to finally have one. Jaejae mentioned hearing that Song Joong Ki took good care of the wrap-up party. Jeon Yeo Bin said, “We had nicknames among us. We called him ‘Class President Song’. He came to Cannes, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to see him. That’s such a pity.” In response, Jaejae jokingly questioned if they were just pretending to be close. Jeon Yeo Bin caused laughter as she promoted Song Joong Ki’s movie, “‘Hopeless’ fighting!

Source: Daum

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