“In the Name of God” PD Exposes JMS Cult Of Trying To Silence Sexual Victims With Money

Religious group JMS reportedly tried to reach an agreement with Jung Myung-seok’s sexual victims with cash

On November 1st, MBC PD Jo Seong-hyeon revealed various stories about Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” in an interview with CBS Radio.

PD Jo said, “JMS attempted to reach agreements with two foreign women, who were victims of their sexual crimes”. He added, “The agreements stated that each of them would receive 300 million won, so it’s a total of 600 million won for both”. 

Pointing out that JMS tried to cover the victim’s mouths with a large sum of money, he said, “The amount of 300 million won is not the typical amount of compensation for a common sex offense”.

In the meantime, the PD also released a photo of 600 million won prepared by JMS in cash bundles of 50,000 won bills

PD Jo continued, “Through this incident, it is clear that Jung Myung-seok personally orders his followers to talk following his instructions and deny his wrongdoings although they are victims. There’s a system of lawyers and people to educate the followers about such things”, adding “The person who proposed 300-million-won agreements with the female victims is a former JMS’s legal representative A”.

PD Jo Seong-hyeon

Regarding the source of the photo, the PD explained, “A person who was at the scene took the picture and sent it to me. That person met lawyer A on behalf of the two victims”.

He added, “Why did they have to prepare 600 million won for the victims despite their denials of sex crimes? I’m doubting the reason they prepared a bunch of cash”, raising suspicions of an urgent situation that forced them to silence the victims using a large sum of money.

Source: Daum

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