Male Actor Wrote Suicide Note After Being Criticized For Cheating On His Girlfriend

Chinese actor Yang Bo (楊波) posted a handwritten apology on his personal Weibo account on February 4 (local time). “I think I should have already died when you saw this,” Yang said. He explained that he couldn’t bear it psychologically and was in a very bad state of mind. “I really did something wrong,” Yang said. “It’s more than my karma.”

Internet users worried about Yang after noticing signs of him making the extreme choice in his writing. Later, acquaintances headed to Yang and reported that he was safe. Yang later revealed, “I drank a lot,” adding, “Many acquaintances and police visited me. I’m sorry to have worried you.”

Recently, Yang Bo was criticized for cheating on his girlfriend. On Weibo, a netizen claimed that they saw Yang kissed a mysterious woman after a walk on the beach. Yang said, “It is true that I kissed the woman while walking on the beach. However, I did not force her to do anything and didn’t do anything sexual.” He later said he apologized to his girlfriend and asked for forgiveness.

Yang went on to disclose the identity of the mysterious woman. Rather, he said she asked him to start a relationship with her. However, Internet users continued to criticize him. Some pointed out that he should be held accountable for what he did, but stressed that netizens should refrain from excessive criticism.

Source: TV Report

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