Wedding Pictorial of Lee Da Hae and Se7en Leaves Netizens in Awe as Their Big Day Approaches

The wedding pictorial of Lee Da Hae and Se7en, who are getting married in 10 days, has been revealed.

On April 26th, Lee Da Hae shared new photos on her Instagram with the caption, “It was a special and precious pictorial shoot. Thank you to everyone who helped.” A photo in her post features Se7en and Lee Da Hae dressed in a tuxedo and a wedding dress. 


In another photo, Lee Da Hae is wearing a light blue dress and looking at the camera with a delicate and pure appearance.

Colleagues who saw the wedding pictorial were amazed by the couple’s visuals. Singer and actor Jo Jung Min exclaimed, “Prince and princess~,” while actress Park Si Yeon applauded, saying, “You look beautiful and cool.”


Netizens also responded with comments such as “What angels!”, “Really beautiful,” “The strongest couple! The best!”, “Lovely,” “They really match well,” “They look really elegant,” and “I hope they live happily.”

Se7en also posted the same photo on his Instagram and expressed his gratitude to those who helped with the pictorial.

Se7en and Lee Da Hae, who have been publicly dating since September 2016, announced their marriage last month and received congratulations from many people.

On April 20th, Lee Da Hae shared on her Instagram, “I want to share good news today. I will be getting married to Se7en in May after eight years of dating. As a wife and husband, we will take responsibility for each other and live together while helping and loving each other. Please continue to support us in the future.


Se7en also announced on the same day via a handwritten letter, “I promised to marry my girlfriend Lee Da Hae, who has been with me through thick and thin for eight years. As the head of a family and a husband, I will live with a sense of responsibility and a more mature attitude.

After eight years of dating, Se7en and Lee Da Hae will tie the knot on May 6th. The specific location and schedule of their wedding have not been announced yet.

Source: Wikitree

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