Kim Ji Hoon had a mental breakdown after being eliminated from BTS

Kim Ji Hoon is a former trainee of the company. He was eliminated from the expected lineup of BTS in 2012.

The former BigHit Entertainment trainee shared with VICE Asia channel about his practice period with BTS, as well as the difficult time he went through after being eliminated from the expected lineup of the famous group.

In an interview with VICE Asia, Kim Ji Hoon said he became a trainee in 2011 when he was just 18 years old. Kim is close to BTS members and is also one of those who practiced “No More Dream” – the group’s first song.

However, at the end of 2012, the management company removed him from the expected lineup of BTS. “There were a lot of other talented trainees, I didn’t think I was good enough. They held a meeting and told me I had to leave the group,” Kim Ji Hoon said.

Kim Ji Hoon is a former trainee at BigHit and also once a member of the expected lineup of BTS.

He added, “I always worked hard, practiced every day and always stayed in the gym until dawn. So I wondered why I couldn’t get better, what’s wrong with me?” After being eliminated, the BTS members asked Kim, “Are you okay, Ji Hoon?”.

After being eliminated from the BTS lineup, Kim Ji Hoon had a mental breakdown, dropped out of school, and failed to graduate from high school. “I’m not the only one suffering. When I was still blaming myself for not being able to make it into the group, I suddenly received a phone call saying that my mother had fainted from shock when she heard that I was excluded from the group”, said Kim Ji Hoon.

The trainees who were eliminated from the project like Kim Ji Hoon often choose to move to another company to continue pursuing their dreams in another group. However, Kim said he was too attached to the BTS members so he always felt hurt when he couldn’t debut with them. Therefore, Kim Ji Hoon chose to leave the showbiz world and return to a normal life.

Kim said that he used to openly reveal to his friends that he used to be a part of the BTS group project. “But since BTS became famous, I don’t dare to talk about it anymore,” said the former trainee.

Kim was close to V and Suga (BTS) when he was a trainee.

Currently, after 10 years of leaving the company, Kim Ji Hoon has completed his studies and is working at the Korea Veterans Health Service. He opened an online video posting channel because he has always been attached to his dream of becoming a celebrity.

Answering VICE Asia, Kim Ji Hoon said that his biggest dream right now is to hold a party with all the former BigHit trainees during 2011-2013, including BTS. However, the busy schedule of the 7-member group makes this impossible.

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