Girls’ Generation shared thoughts on aespa: “I really like watching and learn from their music products”

Girls’ Generation reminisced their old days, showing support for new and younger girl groups. 

Recently, 2nd generation idol group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) joined in an interview with the American magazine “Rolling Stone” to promote their new album “FOREVER 1” in celebration of their 15th debut anniversary. In the interview, the Rolling Stone asked: 

“Are there any rookie groups that caught your attention lately? Or is there a newly debuted group in the entertainment industry that brought back memories of the old days?” 

In response to the question, Girls’ Generation members showed explicit attention to aespa, their junior under SM Entertainment. Hyoyeon shared: “I worked with aespa’s Karina and Winter once when I joined the project GOT The Beat. [Since then,] I have always kept my eyes on them. It is amazing to see aespa promoted widely overseas”. Tiffany agreed, saying: “I also pay attention to aespa. I like watching and learn from their music products, both visually and musically”.


Leader Taeyeon added: “I really like aespa and I’m watching the group’s promotional activities at a close distance. Furthermore, the newly debuted groups all have youthfulness and great energy, strongly resembling Girls’ Generation on our first days of debut. The bare faces with little to no makeup and long straight hair all remind me of Girls’ Generation”. 


Additionally, Sunny showed her love for other rookie groups: “Whenever I see a younger girl group, I always feel proud and ask myself if I can do anything to help them. I do not want to be nosy so I always try not to approach them first. However, I hope they know I am watching them from afar. If anyone needs help with something, do not hesitate to ask us”.

Source: Rolling Stone 

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