Im Chang Jung “Lee Byung Hun is my benefactor…I used to live in his house when I was a rookie actor”

Singer Im Chang Jung mentioned actor Lee Byung Hun as his benefactor.

Singer Im Chang Jung appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on Feb 16th.

Im Chang-jung

Im Chang Jung talked about “Again”, which led to his second heyday, “It’s a song made by Kim Hyeong Seok. At that time, my second album didn’t do well. I once had a drink and sang with Lee Byung Hun at a karaoke bar. I sang Kim Gun Mo’s song back then. Suddenly, the door opened and Kim Hyeong Seok asked, ‘Who’s that person?’ He heard my voice when he was in the next room. I sang the song he wrote. That’s how I got to know him. He gave ‘Again’ to me as a gift.”

lee byung hun

Im Chang Jung revealed that he used to live in Lee Byung Hun’s house when he was a rookie actor. He drew attention by saying, “Lee Byung Hun and Kim Hyeong Seok can be said to be my benefactors.”

Source: daum

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