“One Dollar Lawyer” PD “The PPL controversy is all my fault… I wish you’d throw stones at me”

“I wish you’d throw stones at me…”

PD Kim Jae-hyun, who led SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer” (written by Choi Soo-jin, Choi Chang-hwan/directed by Kim Jae-hyun, Shin Jung-hoon), recently expressed his position on various controversies that broke out in the second half in an interview with Newsen.

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“One Dollar Lawyer” received a lot of love from viewers in the first half. However, in the second half, “One Dollar Lawyer” decided to end early from episode 14 to episode 12. It was also under fire due to an incomprehensible change in the schedule, which aired only once a week from 3 weeks before the end. In addition, in episode 9, which aired on Oct 22nd, “One Dollar Lawyer” was controversial because of PPL scenes such as healthy functional food, grilled lamb intestines and coffee.

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PD Kim Jae-hyun gave an explanation amid various controversies in the second half.

Regarding the PPL controversy, PD Kim Jae-hyun said, “There are promised PPLs. The director’s mission is to please the audience, but isn’t it also the director’s mission to please those who work with him?”

one dollar lawyer PD

PD Kim Jae-hyun continued, “We’re living in the era of capitalism, and I don’t think drama is work of an individual. It’s not accurate, but I remember hearing this story. Before an opera performance, the great Russian writer Tolstoy said, ‘This opera must be successful. Since so many people died for this stage!’ Popular art isn’t for just one person.”

one dollar lawyer PD

PD Kim Jae-hyun admitted, “We got a lot of hate when episode 9 was broadcast.” He confessed, “All of this was the director’s decision, not the writer or the production company. It’s all my fault that I didn’t solve the PPL problem well. It broke my heart as the writer and the production company were criticized because of this. I wish you’d throw stones at me.”

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