Jeon Do Yeon Bursts into Tears While Playing a Game with Na PD

Jeon Do Yeon shed tears during a quiz over celebrities’ names.

On April 2, a new video was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Na PD’s variety show “The Game Caterers.” 

The video featured the cast of Netflix’s new drama “Kill Boksoon”, including actors Seol Kyung Gu, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Si A, ESom, and Lee Yeon playing games with producer Na Young Seok.

Jeon Do Yeon

In the first game, a quiz about famous figures was given. Jeon Do Yeon expressed her concern, saying that she was terrible at remembering names. 

Jeon Do Yeon failed to answer the first question about Seo Taiji, and couldn’t name the next figure, Son Seok Koo, either.

Jeon Do Yeon

At this point, Jeon Do Yeon burst into tears, expressing her frustration and disappointment. Na PD, who was surprised by the sudden outburst of emotion, said, “This isn’t a game that should make you cry like this.”

Jeon Do Yeon wiped away her tears and explained, “I’m just really upset.” Seol Kyung Gu asked, “Are you really crying?” and Na PD reassured her that there was no need to apologize for her tears.

Despite her emotional setback, Jeon Do Yeon was determined to continue playing. She bravely answered the next question correctly, identifying actor So Ji Sub. Her victory brought a smile to her face, and the other players cheered her on.

Source: Wikitree

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