NewJeans’ unprecedented collaboration with LG Electronics roused excitement

Famous girl group NewJeans unveiled historical collaboration with LG Electronics, which received enthusiastic reactions.

LG Electronics recently selected NewJeans as its global ambassador and unveiled the members’ advertisement photos, as well as the “LG Gram Style NewJeans Limited Edition Big Bunny” laptop.

Newjeans LG Electronics

In the promotional photo released together, NewJeans members show off their hip sensibility while holding a laptop with a rabbit pattern on it.

In particular, it is known that the “NewJeans laptop” includes the group’s representative “Bunny” symbol, and boasts an aurora white color, a hidden touch pad, and a customizable hologram “Bunny” sticker.

Newjeans LG Electronics

It is also known that NewJeans limited edition goods will be included with every purchase of the laptop. 

According to a later announcement, the limited edition goods consist of a laptop pouch, a cable strap, a mouse with NewJeans’ “Bunny” on it, a themed mouse pad, New Jeans stickers, DIY stationery and posters, alongside NewJeans wallpapers and 4 basic icons. 

Newjeans LG Electronics
Newjeans LG Electronics

Below are the reactions of netizens regarding NewJeans and LG Electronics’ collaboration: 

  • Every time I see it, I feel that rabbit logo is really well chosen
  • Even the components are great
  • Even without the rabbit, it’s honestly pretty
  • And they even give you a portable monitor
  • The design is cute. If you are a fan, it should be worth purchasing 
  • I want to buy it
  • It’s prettier than Macbook 
  • I don’t need it, but I want it for no reason.

Source: wikitree

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