Jennie and TXT’s Soobin, BTS’s RM and aespa’s Karina Interacted Closely Amid Dating Rumor

The close interactions of top stars such as BTS’s RM and aespa’s Karina, as well as BLACKPINK’s Jennie and TXT’s Soobin, have become a hot topic

On November 24, the “Love Your W” event was held in Seoul with the attendance of various Korean top stars, from singers like BTS’s RM, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, aespa, ITZY, TXT’s Soobin & Yeonjun, RIIZE, and so on, to actors like Lee Soo-hyuk and Moon Ga-young. 

Here, it is no exaggeration to say that BLACKPINK’s Jennie stole the show with her red carpet look, which was full of glamor, power, and sexiness. 

bts rm

The event also show surprisingly close interactions between top K-pop idols

BTS’s RM and aespa’s Karina 

At “Love Your W”, aespa delivered an extremely powerful performance of “Next Level”. As a result, many audience members, including BTS’s RM, had fun dancing along to the song. RM was even caught repeating the key choreography point of “Next Level” next to famous choreographer Bada Lee.

BTS’s RM danced along to aespa’s song “Next Level”

In addition, RM and Karina also show close interactions amid Korean media’s speculations that the two are in a relationship. In particular, RM and Karina are both friends with singer So!YoOn!, and both took photos with the singer at the same location. In addition, RM was spotted going to a music show with aespa as the performer

The close interaction of BTS’s RM and aespa’s Karina 

Jennie showed her friendship with a male idol from HYBE

Jennie is always known for her charismatic image and outstanding presence on stage, but in real life, she is a true “introverted idol.” Participating in public events, Jennie is often shy and rarely has close interactions with celebrities outside her circle of friends. At Love Your W, Jennie sat next to model Hojung and actress Moon Ga-young. Additionally, there were also two members of TXT, Soobin & Yeonjun.

jennie blackpink
Jennie at Love Your W party

However, Jennie had an unexpected interaction with Soobin. She laughed and had a chat with the male idol from HYBE. Jennie and Soobin looked really like close friends. This moment immediately went viral on social media as BLACKPINK and TXT rarely interacted with each other before.

Jennie and Soobin (TXT) talking to each other like close friends

Source: k14

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