“Agency” Lee Bo Young, “Son Na Eun casting? I recommended her… Her acting has improved”

Actress Lee Bo Young explained the process of Son Na Eun appearing in “Agency” at her recommendation.

Lee Bo Young had an interview with Star News at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul after JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Agency” (written by Song Soo Han/ directed by Lee Chang Min) ended.

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“Agency” is an office drama centering around Go Ah In, who becomes the first female executive member of the advertising company VC Planning and tries to go beyond the first to reach the best position.

Lee Bo Young plays the role of VC Planning’s Production Team 2 creative director Go Ah In. Go Ah In rose to the executive position after 19 years with her strong desire for money and success despite being born into a poor family. After getting promoted as a political strategy of director Choi Chang Soo (Jo Sung Ha), who is aiming for the CEO position, Go Ah In was on the verge of being kicked out but she used the Chairman’s daughter Kang Han Na (Son Na Eun) to make a plan to reach the best position.

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In the drama, Lee Bo Young confronted Son Na Eun with different problems and presented a love-hate relationship. Hearing that their ‘Wo-mance’ was also a key fact that attracted viewers for “Agency”, Lee Bo Young said, “I recommended Na Eun. I believed that she would suit the character Han Na well”. She continued, “Na Eun looks very trendy and Han Na is an influencer. You can realize Na Eun’s colorful and pretty appearance at first glance. I told the director that Na Eun’s fancy look matches the image of Han Na”, revealing a behind-the-scenes story about the casting of Son Na Eun.

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The actress added, “I only made a recommendation, and Na Eun was cast among many other actresses after joining the audition. I really thought the image of Han Na would suit Na Eun very well”.

When asked if she was close to Son Na Eun before “Agency”, Lee Bo Young explained, “I had no mutual acquaintance with Na Eun. While talking about the character Han Na, a friend of mine said, ‘How about Son Na Eun?’. At the recommendation of that friend, I looked for pictures and selfies of Na Eun. Then I told the director, ‘I think Son Na Eun is a good choice’. Na Eun also knows that I recommended her. But I only made a recommendation. It was Na Eun who won the role by herself.”

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“Agency” drew keen attention as it starred Son Na Eun, known as a former member of Apink, as a lead actress facing Lee Bo Young. However, some people still criticized Son Na Eun, saying her acting was still awkward. When asked about how Son Na Eun is in her eyes as an actress, Lee Bo Young poured compliments, saying “Na Eun worked really hard. The director commented that Na Eun was very persistent. If it didn’t work out, she continued filming a few more takes. She patiently followed the directions. It was good to see Na Eun improve her skills as the filming went on.”

Source: Nate

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