“Agency” Son Na Eun criticized for terrible acting…Criticism and prejudice against idol-turned-actors

Singers and idols prove their abilities through singing, dancing and flairs. Even if you have star quality, you have to show your skills that fit your position and constantly undergo “evaluation”.

The public acts as judges. Because celebrities stand in front of the public, non-celebrities tend to judge them naturally. The public and celebrities are close yet opposite.

Evaluation cannot be perfect. Since the public’s tastes and standards are different, there is no right answer and only the majority opinion is adopted. So what you should be wary of is prejudiced opinions.

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The saying “Don’t look at trees. Look at the forest” applies to popular culture as well. We must beware of short-sighted behaviors such as thinking a preconceived opinion as the answer or considering and judging an edited version uploaded on online communities as everything.

Idol-turned-actors are the ones who often get criticized. Because they did not debut as actors, they are criticized excessively for one funny scene. Former Apink member Son Na Eun, who was recently criticized for her terrible acting, is also in this case.

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Son Na Eun was embroiled in controversy over poor acting because her acting was awkward in certain scenes, such as shouting, in JTBC’s drama “Agency”. From her first appearance to episode 10, which is the most recent episode, Son Na Eun’s pronunciation and vocalization are not outstanding.

On the contrary, she does well when acting with Lee Bo Young. Although she benefited from veteran Lee Bo Young’s lead, knowing how to exchange energy means that Son Na Eun’s ability has improved that much. She does not look awkward when bragging, rebuking others or falling in love.

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Son Na Eun was one of the people that came to mind when thinking about “bad acting idols”. Although she clearly showed growth after leaving Apink and turning into an actress, there was prejudice that she was a “bad acting idol” in the past. Of course, her using facial muscles is still lacking, but it is not enough to be criticized for poor acting like before.

Although the boundary between singers and actors has been broken, idol-turned-actors are always followed by concerns. Whenever news of idol-turned-actors joining a work comes out, the public worries about acting.

In the past, casting idols was like gambling, but not now. Their skills have been standardized to the point where viewers do not know who is a new actor or a singer. The support from agencies, which teach not only singing and dancing but also acting from an early age, as well as idol members’ efforts and greed have seen the light.

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In order to break the prejudice of “Idol = bad acting”, idol-turned-actors have to practice very hard, from how to match their acting performance with others, to vocalization, expressions, and pronunciation. Many have improved by learning the way to exchange acing and energy with others from senior actors on the set.

Of course, there are also “bad acting idols” who not only can’t act but also don’t even try to improve themselves. If an idol gets criticized for bad acting without consideration of their performance, that’s prejudice. But if an idol gets criticized for a particular scene, it’s definitely a humiliation. Idols can only meet viewers after they received the “Okay” sign from the directors. Therefore, it’s not too late to judge someone after watching all of their performance.

Source: Daum

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