iKON members reveal their honest thoughts about B.I’s departure for the first time

iKON mentioned B.I, who left the group due to an unexpected scandal.

Channel A’s program “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on the evening of June 3rd, showed iKON members Bobby, Goo Jun-hoe and Kim Dong-hyuk having a consultation with Dr. Oh Eun-young. In particular, they drew attention by revealing their feelings about B.I, who left the team three years ago.

 Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

First, iKON revealed the reason why they decided to appear on the show. When asked, “What are you worrying about?”, Kim Dong-hyuk said, “I feel frustrated and anxious these days.” Three of them said the same thing. Goo Jun-hoe confessed that his anxiety has recently worsened.

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “Let’s think about the same reason that caused your anxiety”. Kim Dong-hyuk shared, “I don’t know. It’s been 8 years since we debuted and I have lived with the members for more than 10 years. It was overwhelming when we debuted and we also enjoyed the happiness when we were at the top, but now all the members are always nervous.”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

iKON mentioned B.I, the member who left the team due to an unpleasant incident. When asked about iKON’s hardest time. Kim Dong-hyuk said, “To be honest, when B.I hyung left the team and there were only six of us left without a leader, I was dumbfounded. Hyung had many things to do. The members didn’t go out at all during that time.”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

Goo Jun-hoe confessed, “It was really sad and hard for us. We’ve been together as a team since we were trainees, and no one had ever left. When one person suddenly left the team while we were doing well, I felt unrealistic more than sad. When he said  ‘I’m leaving’, we suddenly felt a little bit like strangers.”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

Bobby added, “‘What should we do now?’, I couldn’t think of anything. He just disappeared. I think I had lived for months with that thought”, adding, “I felt bitter about the absence of a member who had lived with me for a long time. The friend I had been together with for years suddenly disappeared.”

Kim Dong-hyuk then expressed: “I’ve never mentioned this before, it’s the first time I’ve spoken out since the incident.”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

To which, Dr. Oh Eun-young replied: “I think you spoke well. I had to prompt you to talk about it, but your sharing came out well.”

Bobby even thought iKON would be over, saying: “When the leader, who was the pillar of the group and who was responsible for so many things, disappeared, I thought ‘iKON will be over like this?’. I remember even saying ‘iKON will fail without B.I.'”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

Koo Jun-hoe also recalled, “It has been 3 years since B.I’s departure. When he first left, we couldn’t appear on public shows, and instead could only do content for the fans. Popular programs were impossible for us”.

Having heard all the anecdotes from iKON members, Dr. Oh Eun-young diagnosed: “Your resignation and embarrassment was a weak expression. Regardless of the situation, it’s obvious that ít’s not your fault. However, the entire group is bound by the name “iKON”, so even when you guys didn’t do anything wrong, you must have felt responsible for the criticisms.”

Oh Eun young Golden Clinic

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