Choi Min-hwan & Yulhee’s Divorce Sparks Heated Debate, “Yulhee Gave Up Custody?”

Netizens show divided reactions over the divorce news of Laboum’s Yulhee and F.T. Island’s Choi Min-hwan

Yulhee and Choi Min-hwan announced their divorce through SNS on December 4th. In their letters, the two promised to do their best in raising their three children even after parting ways with each other.

Many people supported the two’s decision to divorce after five years of marriage. However, some netizens criticized Choi Min-hwan for agreeing to take custody of the three kids and poured malicious comments toward Yulhee.

In this regard, Yulhee explained the reason why Choi Min-hwan is raising their three children, saying “We decided to let the kids stay where they have been living so far to minimize the psychological discomfort they are facing due to the current issues as much as possible”.

Yul-hee added, “I will spend time with the kids so that they won’t feel the absence of their mother”. Despite her explanation, malicious commenters continued to remarks that crossed the line, such as “She gave up custody”, “I feel so sorry for Choi Min-hwan”, etc.

Furthermore, there has been a heated debate about how much child support Yulhee should provide, stirring up mixed reactions. In the predominant atmosphere of negative comments directed at Yulhee, YouTuber Yookatnip, who previously had a hard time due to child support controversy, publicly expressed support, garnering attention.

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On the other hand, netizens’ support for Choi Min-hwan is enthusiastic. Choi Min-hwan, who revealed his determination to raise three children on his own, promised, “I will do my best as a father to ensure that my children do not suffer emotional wounds.”

Above all, while the couple has recently gone through a difficult time due to divorce proceedings, Choi Min-hwan’s active domestic and international activities, including the upcoming release of F.T. Island’s remake song on Dec 10th, have touched netizens’ hearts, creating a supportive atmosphere.

Moreover, members Lee Hong-ki and Lee Jae-jin added warmth by publicly expressing their support with “likes” on Choi Min-hwan’s divorce announcement post.

Source: Naver

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