A rookie female idol was rumored to be dating an NCT member because of her own appearance… Fans exploded with anger

Youtuber “탈덕수용소 Sogang” recently spread rumors about Sullyoon, a member of JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX.


On April 4th, “탈덕수용소 Sogang” uploaded a video titled, “Photos in NMIXX Sullyoon’s cellphone were leaked… Dating with an NCT member?”. In the video, the Youtuber criticized NMIXX for several things, such as digital achievements, and commented, “Only Sullyoon is receiving attention”.


The Youtuber claimed, “Sullyoon is rumored to have a boyfriend”, adding, “Recently Sullyoon’s cellphone wallpaper was captured when she was on her way home from the music show ‘M Countdown’. It’s a photo of a boy group idol who was wearing a hoodie. He looks like NCT Ji-sung or Monsta X Shownu”.

However, the photo claimed by “탈덕수용소 Sogang” turned out to be a picture of Sullyoon herself and the female idol even certified it to fans. Sullyoon’s fans posted comments on that Youtube channel to correct the rumors, but it is said that “탈덕수용소 Sogang” deleted all comments that criticized him.

Seeing rumors about Sullyoon spread, fans commented, “That channel is very famous”, “Why don’t you correct that on Youtube?”, “The company should file a complaint against this person”, etc.

탈덕수용소 Sogang” is a channel that mainly spreads rumors about idol group members. In addition to Sullyoon, rumors about Jang Won-young and V were also posted. As rumors spread through this channel intensified, BTS V posted on Weverse on December 20th last year and declared that he would file a complaint, directly referring to “탈덕수용소 Sogang”.

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