Idol-actress Seolhyun: “Life itself is pain, after death that’s all”. What happened? 

A message from idol-actress Seolhyun’s SNS drew attention and concern from fans.

On May 23rd, Seolhyun introduced a book she was reading through her personal Instagram story. 


In her post, the idol actress highlighted an excerpt from the book which read: “It’s sweeter to say that life itself is pain, so even if there is a painful thing, it will not particularly hurt. It’s empty by nature, so there’s nothing to strive for in life. The world is filled with both good and bad things.” Then, Seolhyun also added: “We have done a good job, so it’d probably be good. In order to live, Aeja says it is good to fill the world with such things.”

The idol actress continued to explain the book’s meaningful phrases, saying: “She says the world is full of grudges, and living in such a world is just painful. Everyone says they’re suffering on their own account. There’s nothing meaningful in a world where there’s nothing to be done, as it will only increase the pain.”


In addition to such quotes, Seolhyun also drew attention by saying rather extreme words of: “I’m slowly dying, without pleasure or meaning. After death, there’s nothing to it.” In response, fans of the actress are leaving concerned comments like: “What’s wrong with you?” “I’m worried”, “I think you’re frustrated,” and “I hope you live a life full of fun.”


Recently, Seolhyun’s newest K-drama project “The Killer’s Shopping List” just finished airing, and she has opened and is currently managing her personal YouTube channel “Brilliantly by Seolhyun.”

Source: Nate

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