These 2 actress became close as co-stars, even taking “lover-like” photos

Kim Hye Soo and Kim Go Eun developed a close relationship while filming a movie together, even taking lover-like photos. 

In 2015, Kim Hye Soo and Kim Go Eun starred together in the movie “Coin Locker Girl”, where they portrayed a unique mother-daughter relationship within a criminal organization 

Here, the two actresses received great praises for their performance, conveying a complicated yet undoubtedly close relationship. 

Coin Locker Girl

Most notably, the concept photos of the two actresses, which were unveiled along with the release of “Coin Locker Girl”, gained huge attention. These captivating photos showed them in “lover-like” poses, at the same time showcasing an alluring chemistry between the two and hinted at their unique relationship in the film.

In an interview, Kim Hye Soo expressed her appreciation for Kim Go Eun, saying, “I have always been interested in actress Kim Go Eun. I think she has more potential and talents that have yet to be fully revealed, and I believe she will stand out among her peers. In particular, ‘Coin Locker Girl’ is likely to have a great influence on her.”

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun showed an enthusiastic response upon hearing the news of her getting to work alongside Kim Hye Soo. The actress then mentioned that she had previously chosen Kim Hye Soo as an actress she wanted to work with during a radio interview, adding that she felt it was fate. 

“She monitored my acting and gave me confidence on the set”, Kim Go Eun also fondly talked off her filming experience with Kim Hye Soo. 

Source: Daum

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