Lim Ji Yeon, “Confidence is important in acting. Anyone at my age can play ‘The Glory’ Park Yeon Jin better than me?”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon showcased her lovely charm and decisive personality through an honest talk on “Disarmament”.

Lim Ji Yeon guested on SBS’s entertainment program “Disarmament”, which aired its first episode on August 22nd.

Introducing their first guest Lim Ji Yeon, MC Jeon Hyun Moo and Jang Do Yeon said, “This person has an easygoing personality and many good stories”. The MCs welcomed Lim Ji Yeon, who was on her way home after SBS’s “The Killing Vote” press conference.

Lim Ji-yeon

The actress confessed, “I’m interested in social issues and I like challenging new roles. Sticking to the same things does not match my personality. I find it enjoyable upgrading myself through challenges”. 

When asked how he recently spent her time after completing two hit dramas “The Glory” and “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, Lim Ji Yeon said, “I never fall asleep on my way to work and I keep repeating my lines without realizing it.” Regarding her synchronization with “The Glory” Park Yeon Jin, she said, “I tried to create as many points as I could, like the expression of raising the corner of my mouth on one side”, adding “In the case of Chu Sang Eun of ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’, it’s the way she walks. I normally walk lightly but I tried to fix my way of walking to look elegant ‘The Glory’. It was completely different when I worked on ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’.”

Lim Ji-yeon

When asked if she felt pressured about the next project, Lim Ji Yeon shared, “I do. But I try to enjoy the pressure and turn it into responsibility”, adding “What’s important to me is to find a work that helps me grow. When acting, sometimes you shine, but sometimes you get ignored. I can’t always receive only love. That’s not why I pursue acting. Just because I receive negative reviews doesn’t mean the work is not valuable. Every work is like ‘The Glory’ to me.”

Lim Ji-yeon

Revealing that her parents opposed her decision to pursue acting at first, Lim Ji Yeon recalled, saying, “I began to be interested in acting during middle school days. I went to a high school of humanities, but I secretly applied and got accepted to a university of arts so my parents began to support me”. When the MCs asked whether her parents watched her works, the actress said, “I used to watch them, but I don’t know whether they do it recently”, adding “But my parents trust me. They always tell me that I’m doing well”.

In particular, Lim Ji Yeon emphasized confidence as the most important attitude when acting. She explained, “I asked myself questions like ‘Is there anyone at my age who can play Park Yeon Jin?’. That’s how I gained confidence”, adding “I have only the script but I try to fill it with the idea that I’m the only person who can play the role well”.

Source: Daum

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