“I didn’t plan on eating it all”, BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Reaction After Eating One Bite of Kimbap

BLACKPINK member Jisoo showed off her down-to-earth personality.

On April 12th, BLACKPINK Jisoo uploaded a video on her YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%” which showed the behind-the-scenes of her solo album photoshoot.


In the video, Jisoo chatted with the staff and led the cheerful atmosphere of the shoot. She barely had time to rest, constantly changing outfits, hair, and makeup. She took a quick snack break in the waiting room and ate one bite of kimbap.

Jisoo said, “I didn’t plan on eating it all…” after finishing one bite. She then exclaimed, “Ah, I’m full.” Although the kimbap was the only thing she ate during the long shoot, Jisoo still looked bright and said, “As expected, kimbap is delicious. Kimbap is the best.

Jisoo also revealed her down-to-earth personality by saying, “I had juice and sweet potato for breakfast.”

On April 7th, Jisoo appeared on Lee Young Ji’s YouTube show “No Prepare” and expressed her diet struggles, saying, “Our members are getting thinner, so I have to relatively lose weight.” Lee Young Ji responded by saying, “No, the world must be going crazy,” and made Jisoo laugh.


Jisoo released her first solo album “ME” on March 31st. Through “ME,” Jisoo showed her unique color and inherent beauty as a solo artist.

The title track “Flower” is a song with a unique sound base and minimalistic arrangement. The poetic lyrics and melody, as well as Jisoo’s unique vocals, harmonize well, creating a dreamy and atmospheric mood that has been well-received.

Furthermore, Jisoo proved her global popularity by surpassing 4 million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel within only 3 months of its launch.

Source: wikitree.  

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