The history of male celebrities dodging military service: VIXX’s Ravi, Son Seung Hun, MC Mong, and more 

Suspicion of avoiding military service of South Korean male celebrities has erupted again.

Dodging mandatory military service is one of the most sensitive social issues in South Korea. When suspicions of corruption in military service by male celebrities arise, the names of those who evaded military service follow. Whether the event happened 10 years ago or 20 years ago, the time doesn’t matter.

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A group of brokers who were arrested on charges of evading military service recently revealed that famous idol rapper A, who enlisted as a public service worker for health reasons, was their client after getting off a popular variety show.

VIXX’s Ravi was identified as A. Ravi got off from KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night” in May 2022 due to military enlistment, but after releasing an album and holding a concert, he enlisted in October of that year.  


According to SBS, the joint investigation team of the prosecution and the Military Manpower Administration recently booked Ravi for violating the Military Service Act. The joint investigation team suspects that Ravi also suffered from epilepsy and applied for a re-examination, lowering his physical grade and receiving a grade 4 supplementary.

Ravi’s agency said, “We are first figuring out the details because the related information is related to the duty of national defense.” 


Corruption in military service by male celebrities goes back to the 2000s. In 2004, Song Seung Hun, Jang Hyuk, and Han Jae Seok were exempted from military service by mixing protein-based drugs into their urine or injecting a liquid mixed with their own blood through an injection into the urethra at the time of a urine test. 

When the cheating situation was discovered, Song Seung Hun and Jang Hyuk went through a reexamination, and Han Jae Seok was judged to be a supplementary role because of his age.

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In 2010, Park Hae Jin was suspected of receiving military exemption by faking mental illness. Park Hae Jin was under suspicion of being exempted from military service in March 2004 due to a history of falsely receiving treatment for schizophrenia at a hospital in Daegu on 27 occasions from June 2003 to March 2004.

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Park Hae Jin confessed that he suffered from depression and social phobia due to his poor family environment. As his symptoms worsened, he continued to receive outpatient treatment at Kyungpook National University Hospital, and was exempted from military service after a review. Park Hae Jin said, “I have nothing to hide as long as I am proud of myself. I was exempted six years ago, but I am willing to undergo a physical examination at any time, and I will happily fulfill my military duty.” Park Hae Jin did not join the army afterwards.

Park Hae-jin drug addict

MC Mong applied for a postponement of enlistment seven times from 1998 to 2006. He delayed his enlistment due to vocational training and civil servant application, but was regularly active in sitcoms, entertainment shows, and concerts during that period. Later, he was accused of intentionally extracting teeth to dodge military service.

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MC Mong’s reps said that he was acquitted of the intentional tooth extraction, and was only guilty of taking the civil service examination to postpone his enlistment. Therefore, most people know that MC Mong was acquitted of the intentional extraction. However, in reality, the statute of limitations for the remaining extracted teeth other than ‘tooth 35’ had expired, so charges could not be applied.

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The court ruled that MC Mong was not guilty, saying, “There are doubts that he may have received additional treatment (on purpose) to be exempted from military service. However, he did not go beyond a simple suspicion of guilt.”

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Suspected people give a number of reasons. However, no excuse can be understood by the public. If they violate the law because they don’t like what they are supposed to do, they should be punished accordingly. Wrong choices create inseparable labels on these celebrities for life.  

Source: Naver. 

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