Ha Ha’s wife Byul confessed her hard time fighting the rare disease that her daughter recently got 

Singer Byul revealed the story of her family fighting against her youngest daughter’s illness.

On September 27th, Byul posted on her Instagram account, “I haven’t delivered any update for a long time. Song was sick. That’s why I couldn’t do anything, including Instagram, Byulbitube content, and full album recording, for a while”.

She continued, “It happened so suddenly to a child who was so healthy. Not only the sick child but also my family had a very hard time. I had never heard of the name ‘Guillain-Barre Syndrome’ before”, adding “Why did Song, the smallest, youngest and weakest child in my family, get this rare disease?”, revealing Song’s illness.

Byul said, “I’d rather be sick instead of my daughter. I felt collapsed praying every night to make me get sick instead of my child. But when Song was hospitalized, I found that many children have been lying in bed with pain even longer than Song”, adding “I changed my prayer. I began to pray for children with cancer in the next room, other kids who are even younger than Song in other rooms, and any sick children whom I happened to meet around”.

According to Byul, her daughter Song is healthy now. In the photo she released, Song seems to have fully recovered as she smiles brightly while looking at the camera. Byul shared, “Song recovered so quickly that we thought it was a miracle. She’s getting better and healthier day by day even after we took her home from the hospital”, adding “I’m now sharing this story to you after hearing the professor at a clinic we recently visited say that drug treatment and rehabilitation would no longer be necessary.”

Meanwhile, Byul married broadcaster Ha Ha in 2012. The couple has two sons and one daughter.

Source: nate

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