Ravi is serving alternatively due to “health reasons,” will receive any investigation over his military service corruption allegations

On Jan 12th, Ravi‘s agency GROOVL1N said, “We are closely grasping the related details,” adding, “We will sincerely receive all requested investigation if needed.”

Ravi was pointed out as the famous idol rapper who received the enlistment grade adjustment from a group of brokers, who was recently arrested on charges related to military service evasion.


The brokers claimed through the prosecution that a famous idol rapper has been exempted from military service through them. They reportedly promoted, “The rapper received a fourth-grade result through us” while consulting potential customers who actually wanted to be exempted from military service.

Initially, no specific detail was disclosed. However, according to the description, netizens speculated that the famous idol rapper was Ravi as he used to appear on a famous entertainment program (“2 Days 1 Night”) and began his alternative service as a social service worker in October 2022.


As the controversy grew, Ravi’s agency declined, “Since the details are related to his national defense duty, it seems only reasonable for us to first find out the details and explain them in detail to you later.”

At the same time, the agency said, “If there is any request regarding this case, we will faithfully receive any investigation at any time,” adding, “We will inform you of the exact details again later.”

Ravi began his alternative service as a social service worker in October last year due to “health reasons.” On the other hand, the broker reportedly claimed that a star benefited from their military service grade adjustment service. However, it has not yet been revealed whether it is true that Ravi received preferential treatment through the military service broker.

Source: SPOTV News

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