Can Kim Jung-hyun renew his image after gaslighting controversy?

Can actor Kim Jung-hyun get rid of his controversial image and be welcomed?

First of all, Kim Jung-hyun directly shared his recent status through Instagram on April 7th. Kim Jung-hyun expressed gratitude repeatedly to the fans who congratulated him on his birthday. Regarding his feelings after the controversy, he confessed, “A lot has happened and there has been a lot of changes for me too. I’m not yet sure what kind of image you all see me as. Just as you’ve supported me, I’ve been spending each day learning little by little how to live entirely as myself.”

He continued, “Just so you know, I’ve completed my film well and am preparing my next steps. I will prepare with my best so I can greet you with a good image.” Kim Jung-hyun was caught up in a controversy over gaslighting with his ex-lover Seo Ye-ji in 2021. The reason is that in 2018, Kim Jung-hyun, who was appearing in MBC’s drama “Time” at that time, modified the script according to Seo Ye-ji‘s order and showed his bad manners towards his co-star Seohyun. Kim Jung-hyun denied it, but unfortunately dropped out of “Time“. In addition, a contract dispute with his agency arose, which resulted in his temporary suspension of activities.

Kim Jung-hyun

Afterwards, Kim Jung-hyun announced his new start at Story J Company as well as his casting in the independent film “Sec²ret”, heralding his return. “Sec²ret” is about a group of people who confront the secrets in their past while investigating a mysterious murder. Kim Jung-hyun has been cast in the role of a police detective who learns the unexpected truth. It seems to be his attempt to show a new aspect. In the new profile picture released last month, he also foreshadowed a change with a rather calm appearance.

Kim Jung-hyun

However, Seo Ye-ji is also scheduled to return with tvN’s dramaEve“, and resumed SNS around the same time as Kim Jung-hyun. The ex-couple seem strangely similar to each other even after breaking up as both are somehow noisy about their self-reflection and return. Kim Jung-hyun is still labeled as “being gaslighted by Seo Ye-ji”. It seems that it will take time for him to renew his image.

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