Han Ji-min: “Reunited with Shin Ha-kyun after 20 years with ‘Yonder’, wanted to apologize when we met someday” [27th BIFF]

Actor Han Ji-min revealed why she tried to apologize to Shin Ha-kyun, who reunited with her after 20 years through the original TVing series “Yonder.”

On the afternoon of Oct 7th, the opening talk event of the original TVing “Yonder,” which was officially invited to the “On Screen” section of the 27th Busan International Film Festival, was held at the BIFFXGENESIS outdoor stage of the Busan Haeundae-gu Film Center. Director Lee Joon-ik, actors Shin Ha-kyun, Han Ji-min, Lee Jung-eun and Jung Jin-young attended the event.

“Yonder” is a story that takes place when a man who received a message from his deceased wife is invited to the unknown space “Yonder” where he can meet her.

Han Ji-min and Shin Ha-kyun reunited in “Yonder” 20 years after the MBC drama “Good Person” in 2002. As such, their couple shot adds to the welcome.

Han Ji-min said about Shin Ha-kyun on the same day, “At that time, I was covered with difficulties and awkwardness because it was my first lead role in a drama. I don’t think we talked at all,” she said.

She continued, “I ran into him once at a hair salon before I met him on ‘Yonder.’ The more I worked, the more I thought of Shin Ha-kyun. I thought it must have been hard for him to act with me who didn’t know anything. I have always wanted to apologize when I saw him someday,” she smilingly said.

Han Ji-min said, “I apologized in the past, so we were like two totally new people meeting each other, and I had fun filming as if I had met someone else, and not him then. He is always smiling calmly, but when the camera is on, he is a different person.”

He likes to make jokes. I told him to show his true self when on TV, and I told him that his fans would want to see him like that, but he thinks it’s fun to be quiet and silent,” Han added.

Meanwhile, “Yonder” will be released on TVing on Oct 14th.

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