HYBE idols have to follow these rules: Strict but actually thoughtful? 

HYBE takes their rules for idols seriously. 

HYBE Labels manage top K-pop groups such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, etc. In order to manage their artists well, HYBE makes them follow these rules.  

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No pictures with fans in public

During a live broadcast with fans, TXT’s Soobin revealed the story of why HYBE artists are not allowed to take pictures with fans in public. Accordingly, the leader of TXT said, “I didn’t know at first, but some people might use those photos against the artist. They might be very excited to meet us but then posted things like ‘I met TXT’s Soobin, his personality is not very good’ and attached a photo to prove it.”


In order to protect idols’ reputation, HYBE does not allow them to take pictures with fans. However, Soobin said he can still sign autographs for fans if they happen to meet outside of his schedules. 

To use the practice rooms, you must make a reservation in advance

In HYBE’s headquarters, there are a total of 3 floors dedicated to practice rooms. However, artists under HYBE Labels cannot use them at will, but must pre-register through a studio reservation system.

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Since there are a lot of artists from HYBE, they use the practice room reservation system to ensure fairness for everyone. Even BTS has to register for a reservation every time they want to practice. 

No snacks or sleep in the studio are allowed

A rule that is also said to be quite strange at HYBE is that it is strictly forbidden to bring food and sleep in the company area. 2 members of TXT, Soobin and Huening Kai, said that when they were trainees, they had to sneak in order to get a good night’s sleep.

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“Huening Kai and I were constantly looking for opportunities to sleep. We weren’t allowed to sleep in the studio when we were trainees. There was a camera there and we would get complained if we slept there,” TXT’s leader shared during a livestream.

Previously, HYBE said that this principle is not meant to mistreat idols. They just want to create a professional and serious working environment both in practice and in daily life. HYBE is comfortable letting idols have parties.

Weight control

Idols have to stay in good shape. HYBE idols are no exception. They have to go through a strict training schedule to keep fit. TXT’s Yeonjun revealed, “We had to exercise a lot and cut down on our favorite foods to stay in shape.”

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Before TXT, BTS also had to practice and follow a strict diet to have toned bodies when on stage. When they first debuted, they complained that they were fed up with chicken breast because they had to eat it so often. 

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