Behind-the-scenes visuals of Korean actresses: These faces never have a dull moment with their shining beauty 

Behind-the-scenes photos of Korean actresses revealed their often-hidden beauty. 

Song Hye Kyo never disappoints with her true beauty. Despite the unfiltered photos behind the scenes, the actress’ visual captivated attention with her smooth and light complexion along with a bright image. 

Song Hye Kyo

Low-quality photos of Jeon Ji Hyun could not diminish her beauty. While the underwater shots might have made her paler than usual, the actress’ features were well-defined as ever. 

Jun Ji Hyun

There is not a single moment when Son Ye Jin is not gorgeous. In whatever occasion, be it photos by a coffee stall or with others, the actress always shows off her immaculate beauty behind the scenes. 

Son Ye Jin

Kim Yoo Jung always manages to capture attention with her bright smile and light complexion, even through a quick photo by passers-by. That is why Kim Yoo Jung always shines among the frames. 

Kim Yoo Jung

Suzy never fails to look stunning and cheerful through the behind-the-scenes photo. Her alluring beauty of the actress helps her stand out from the crowd and lets others recognize her more easily. 

Yoona also receives praise for her pearl-white beauty in the unedited behind-the-scenes. 


Kim So Hyun’s beauty is constant throughout every occasion, be it behind-the-scenes photos, TV appearances or magazine shootings. She is among the top stars of the industry with this level of jaw-dropping gorgousness.

Source: Saostar 

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