How did Wang Suk Hyun, the child actor in the movie “Scandal Makers”, grow up after 13 years?

Becoming famous at a young age, it seems that the child actor in “Scandal Makers” had not made any success when he grew up.

In 2008, the movie “Scandal Makers” starring the ‘box office king’ Cha Tae Hyun and the 5-year-old child actor Wang Suk Hyun was premiered and immediately became a blockbuster in many Asian countries. The cute and smart baby Suk Hyun with his variety of expressions, had caught the attention of various adult actors. Until now, many people are still using his famous ‘smirk’ scene as a meme without even knowing where it came from.

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The classic meme of Wang Suk Hyun
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Despite starting with perfect success, Suk Hyun was not able to take advantage of it. After “Scandal Makers”, he participated in just a few movies and didn’t earn any leading roles for himself. However, Suk Hyun’s popularity didn’t decline as he was once threatened to be killed by a crazy fan just because she couldn’t meet Suk Hyun in real life.

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One of the rare comebacks to the movie field of Wang Suk Hyun
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Suk Hyun’s last TV role was a supporting role in ‘A Pledge to God’, which premiered in 2018

The acting career of Suk Hyun hasn’t noticed any remarkable achievement, yet his visual has recently been attracted more attention. Known as a smart and naughty boy when he was young, the growing-up version of Suk Hyun holds a friendly and mature appearance, catching the eyes of the audience.

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