This K-drama Actress Can Pass Off as a Handsome Man with Her New Haircut 

An actress decided to ditch her signature long hair to embrace her new drama character

Jung Eun Chae recently surprised fans and netizens when she dropped photos of her rocking a new short haircut. People practically couldn’t recognize the usually gentle and feminine Jung Eun Chae without her long hair. 

In the comments section, many even started calling Jung Eun Chae “oppa” because her new look makes her so handsome.

In fact, Jung Eun Chae decided to cut her hair for the new drama “Jung Nyeon”, where she’s sharing the screen with Kim Tae Ri. “Jung Nyeon” is set in the 1950s. Both Jung Eun Chae and Kim Tae Ri decided to embrace their characters with short hair. Kim Tae Ri did it first and caused quite a stir. 

Jung Eun Chae suzy

Throughout her career, every time Jung Eun Chae graces the screen, she effortlessly steals the show thanks to her gorgeous appearance. In “Anna,” her charisma and style are as stunning as the”nation’s first love” Suzy.

Source: K14

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