“Hot scene muse” Kim Tae Ri is suddenly criticized for her overhyped acting in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. What nonsense is this?

Kim Tae Ri’s acting in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” suddenly drew mixed opinions.

Known as a talented actress, Kim Tae Ri suddenly received mixed reactions because of the drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One“. On theqoo – a Korean social forum, her character Na Hee Do was criticized for her overhyped acting and vocalization like a cartoon character. This made some viewers feel unnatural.

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Some comments:

  • Kim Tae Ri’s acting somehow reminds me of Lee Sung Kyung’s role in “Cheese In The Trap”. Yes, it’s that bad.
  • Her acting is too exaggerated, I can’t bring myself to watch it.
  • I love Kim Tae Ri but honestly, I really don’t like her character in this drama.
  • Her voice when she yells really bothers me. Besides that, I like everything about this drama.

Immediately, many netizens objected to this opinion. Na Hee Do has a passionate and jovial personality, so Kim Tae Ri changed to fit the character. Besides, Kim Tae Ri, a 31-year-old woman, had a completely convincing performance when playing the role of a 17-year-old schoolgirl, making it impossible for anyone to realize the huge age difference.

Comments against the article:

  • Kim Tae Ri’s acting was criticized???? What a joke!
  • The image of Na Hee Do is an 18-year-old schoolgirl who is always full of enthusiasm, very vivacious and energetic. Kim Tae Ri’s acting is so good, natural and not at all stiff as they said.
  • She even looks like a middle school student, which is really cute.
  • What is it? It’s ok to criticize Na Hee Do as an adult, but Kim Tae Ri played Na Hee Do in her school days so well. Her acting is getting better and more natural than I thought.
  • Kim Tae Ri is good at acting, Nam Joo Hyuk is bad.

Source: NBV season 2

In ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘, Kim Tae Ri plays Na Hee Do, a high school girl with a deep passion for fencing. The first four episodes of the drama are about Hee Do’s journey to find a way to transfer to another school so that she can continue to nurture her passion, get acquainted with a new environment and a special friend that she accidentally met (Nam Joo Huyk).

Kim Tae Ri criticized for acting

Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday night on tvN. The movie is still having a high rating of 8.8%.

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