Han So-hee’s “Bed Scene” Controversy Re-examined After Her Long Post Targeting Hyeri

Han So-hee’s past controversy was dug up by netizens after her recent post.

On March 30, Han So-hee made a long post on her Instagram, blaming Hyeri for starting the transit love scandal and not answering her contact, as long as Ryu Jun-yeol for staying quiet throughout the controversy.

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This post was deleted after only 10 minutes, but went viral on various online communities. On the popular Korean online forum Nate Pann on the same day, a netizen made a topic titled “Do you remember Han So-hee’s “My Name” bed scene interview?”

  • The post on Pann mentioned a past controversy of Han. In particular, in 2021, Han So-hee, the main actress of “My Name,” said in a media interview that she belatedly learned about the shooting of a bed scene on set, which arouse severe criticism against director Kim Jin-min for making the actress do a bed scene without her agreement at the time. The director’s wife, who was also an actress, was also criticized for not protecting her fellow colleague. Only after two weeks, Han’s agency settled the situation by explaining that prior consultations on the bed scene has been made during the drama’s pre-production period.

    “You asked Hyeri for an explanation because you were fed up with it, but why did you close your mouth when she was upset? Did you come forward and explain what the director was criticized for?” the Pann post asked, targeting Han.
  • In the comment section, other netizens have also come to criticize Han, leaving comments such as:
  • “Why did she keep her mouth shut for this? LOL. The director was criticized and his wife was too, for not taking care of taking care of her junior”
  • “Wow, I forgot this. The director was criticized. So it was Han So-hee”
  • “I didn’t know about the explanation made later. I didn’t know about it…”
  • After only a day, the post on Pann has gathered approximately 250,000 views. What is your opinion?
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