Han So-hee shared her thoughts about the bed scene with Ahn Bo-hyun in “My Name”

Actress Han So-hee expressed her honest feelings about her bed scene with Ahn Bo-hyun in the Netflix series “My Name”.

In an interview with Sport Kyunghyang held on the morning of October 20th, Han So-hee said, “Some people said ‘Her bed scene with Ahn Bo-hyun happens so suddenly’. At first, I also wondered, ‘Is it okay?’. I had many thoughts in my mind, such as ‘Will it interfere with my immersion in the character?’, ‘Jiwoo is really determined with her goal of revenge, will this interrupt her thought?’”

han so hee

Then, she explained, “However, after talking to the director and the writer, I understood that the bed scene was intended to reveal how Jiwoo would accept such emotions as a human for the first time. I think it was not the god who broke Jiwoo’s belief, but this scene that made her become a human and develop a motive to live like a human for the first time.”

Regarding the explosive reactions from overseas fans, the actress shared, “I remember people reacted saying ‘This doesn’t look like Han So-hee’. I loved to receive compliments like this. Among all the comments I saw recently, the one saying, ‘She is an actress who can even pull out this kind of character’, made me happy. Especially, I felt happiest when people recognized that I had made a breakaway from what they consider ‘Han So-hee’s image’. This was what I wanted to throw away the most when I started filming this series.”

Han So-hee has perfectly portrayed Jiwoo, the main character in “the newly released noir drama “My Name”.

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